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Join us for our Fitness Professionals Conference!

An exciting new addition to FitEx will be the Fitness Professionals Conference!

The first Conference of its kind, designed solely for the Tasmanian Fitness Industry, with the Tasmanian market, economy, design and culture in mind. This conference will provide support, education, motivation and networking opportunities for Gym owners, large and small, as well as managers, personal trainers, big gym operators, boutique fitness operators and other fitness professionals.

FitEx aims to be the annual opportunity for those who value remaining ahead of the game. It will be designed yearly to suit the needs and demands of the Tasmanian Fitness Industry.

We invite Fitness professionals, group instructors, personal trainers and business owners/managers, from all over the state to put this event in there diary yearly. The FitEx Conference is set to be massive, we have never had anything like this in our state, with nationally recognised speakers flying in just for the conference, we will have a mixture of motivational speakers, educational workshops and thought-provoking business ideas. This is a place where you can submerge yourself into a room with like-minded people, coffee and protein balls, and leave with a head full of ideas and a heart full of inspiration!

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